SERB-Precision Antibodies Engineeering CEntre

SERB-PACE aims to empower India's capabilities in the precision engineering of antibodies. Its multi-dimensional impact would make us self-reliant to meet the technological demands in imaging, diagnostics, and therapeutics. Our patent-protected technologies for the precision engineering of proteins give us an edge. The AFCs, APCs, and ADCs will hold the center stage of this development. Besides, our team will develop antibody-based biologics by meeting the demands of their property regulation through bioconjugation. The technological platform would ensure a higher percentage of self-reliance in developing biologics in India. We aim to bring academia and Industrial partners together to address the national and global demands in the field.


Precision engineering of antibodies
  • Antibodies and Ab-conjugates
  • Antibody-drug conjugates
  • Antibody-fluorophore conjugates
  • Antibody-NIR fluorophore conjugates
  • Antibody-PET probe conjugates
  • Antibody-enzyme conjugates
  • Custom antibody-probe conjugates
Core strengths: access to deep-tech driven innovative platforms
  • Core strengths: deep-tech driven innovative platforms
  • ADCs for research and directed chemotherapeutics
  • AFCs for research and imaging-guided tumor surgeries
  • LDM® platform: precise and modular mAb engineering
  • Gly-Tag® platform
  • Mass spectrometry: Biologics CQA


Prof. Vishal Rai

IISER Bhopal

Dr. Ram Kumar Mishra

IISER Bhopal

Dr. Sanjeev Shukla

IISER Bhopal

Dr. Debasis Nayak

IISER Bhopal

Dr. Satyendra K. Singh

KGMU Lucknow

Industry Partners